Successful author-editor collaboration
begins with editorial services
that respect
the author's courage to create
and the reader's desire to be moved.

First, I need to check a thesaurus to find a word to eclipse 'superlative.' For the moment, that's the word I'll use to try and capture how pleased I am with getting you involved with this project.

I can't imagine a better collaboration than has been my experience working together with you on this project.

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When an editor 'gets it,' when he or she understands what the author is trying to convey and both helps that conveyance and improves the end result--that is magical!


An author aspires to produce works that engage readers while staying true to one's authorial voice. To that end, an effective editor is an indispensable ally. Effectual editorial judgment is derived from many sources, but chief among them is life experience. Rich and varied first-hand experiences of how others move through life enable an editor to see your work—and readers' likely reactions to it—with an exceptionally sharp and insightful perspective.


I am a "creative" who possesses an unusual breadth of life experience, and from this comes a sagacious approach to editing. I aim to achieve successful author-editor collaboration in the manner that works best for you, so that your work may shine at its brightest and deliver maximum reader satisfaction. I look forward to discussing my distinctive editorial services with you so that you may determine if POV's approach is the right fit for your needs.

To help you become further acquainted with POV, I have provided information below and on the following pages, including client testimonials, a blog, and a short list of resources. I hope that this information proves useful and engaging!


Why have an editor?

"Good editors are really the third eye."

   Toni Morrison, Nobel Laureate

There really is no substitute for the "third eye" that an editor brings to a story. Self-editing is commendable as a first step in the editing process, however, closeness to one's own work prevents one from achieving the objective, detached state of mind that is necessary to successfully complete the editing process. No matter how many times you review your own work, you will miss some of those inevitable gaps between what you intended to convey and what is actually on the page. The additional perspective of an editor's "third eye" is an indispensable ally in completing the editing process.

Selecting an editor

You are seeking editorial services because you have something to say to others, and you are nearly ready to present it to your audience. It has taken you countless hours of toil to create your story and prepare it for this moment. Therefore, you want an editor who understands the journey you have made, respects your authorial voice, inspires and empowers you, and earns your trust by exercising superb editorial judgment. I understand that selecting the right editor for collaboration is a highly individualized process that involves the aforementioned criteria and many more. I invite you to consider my editorial approach and services to determine if POV may be the right fit for you.

My editorial approach

As stated above, I am a creative who possesses an unusual breadth of life experience. From this comes a wide and vivid perspective, and a sagacious approach to editing.


I support you with insightful and discerning editorial judgment and solutions. Additionally, I respect your courage to create and the reader's desire to be moved, hence I work diligently to preserve your voice and promote reader satisfaction. Finally, I prize strong author-editor collaboration and strive to inspire and empower my author clients, because doing so is intrinsically beneficial to authors and readers alike.

My services


I provide trusted developmental editing and copyediting (a.k.a. copy editing; however, the industry prefers the former) services to authors of nonfiction, literary fiction, upmarket fiction, historical fiction, satirical fiction, young adult fiction, and the following genres of popular fiction: mystery, suspense, fantasy, and science fiction.

POV's flexible service packages are designed to assist authors with various needs, from seasoned authors who seek only a manuscript evaluation, to less experienced authors who seek more comprehensive editorial solutions presented in a what-why-how format. Please see my Services page for complete details and rates.