When an editor 'gets it,' when he or she understands what the author is trying to convey and both helps that conveyance and improves the end result--that is magical!

Satirical novella

Testimonial from Victor Acquista


An Authors Guild member, Victor is the author of several published nonfiction works and four published novels. Recently, I provided both developmental editing and copyediting services for Victor’s latest work, a satirical novella presently in prepublication.


Victor’s testimonial:


Dear Don,


Where to start?


First, I need to check a thesaurus to find a word to eclipse "superlative." For the moment, that's the word I'll use to try and capture how pleased I am with getting you involved with this project. I suspect it would still be languishing unfinished had you not reached out to me. In all humility, I am indebted to you for calling forth the nihilist's voice so that he may be heard.


My next reaction is OMG! You have provided me with extensive and highly valuable feedback with thoughtful and very useful remarks, comments, and suggestions. Quite honestly, it is beyond what I anticipated and I realize how much effort must be involved to provide this level of analysis and detail. You have solicited my input on what I wanted to achieve both with respect to tone and content and you have a solid grasp of my intended readership. My interactions with you have consistently been professional, informative, and enjoyable. The contracted work product you delivered was of the highest caliber and far exceeded my expectations.


I know you are invested in this effort at a personal level and I cannot fully articulate my gratitude. I can't imagine a better collaboration than has been my experience working together with you on this project. When an editor "gets it," when he or she understands what the author is trying to convey and both helps that conveyance and improves the end result--that is magical! On top of that, you are most decidedly a pleasant and decent chap, a bloke, and very genuine. It has been a true pleasure!

I recommend you without reservation and plan to continue to engage your fine editorial services in the future. I suppose the best testament to your work is an author who wants more!

Upmarket fiction

Testimonial from Douglas Arvidson


Doug is an Authors Guild member and author of four published novels. Recently, I provided developmental editing and copyediting services for Doug’s two latest works, both presently in prepublication. The first work is an upmarket fiction novel, and the second is a young adult adventure-fantasy-personal growth novel.


Doug’s testimonial:


Dear Don,


From the day I received your introductory email, to the completion of this particular (and final) stage of development of the book, I have been impressed and excited by your friendly professionalism. You send out a positive karma that says editing literature is a no-nonsense yet exciting business that you are deeply passionate about. A serious writer could not ask for more than that.


But that is just the beginning of your professionalism. You responded immediately to my concerns, anticipated my needs, and demonstrated a real grasp of your profession. Most important, perhaps, is the respect you have for the artist and understanding of this artist's struggles to fully express his vision. In short, you have been there when I needed you. I never had to wait days or weeks for a reply to questions; you responded immediately.


Further, you were meticulous in the organized way you approached editing, first gathering information from me regarding my needs/questions/concerns and then addressing each of them in the final report, weaving them into your own suggestions and opinions.


Your close reading and evaluations of the book's characters were wonderful; they gave form and substance to where I was trying to go with them. I also admire your fine and close eye for errors/typos and ear for sorting out clumsy syntax. I am also much impressed with your fine eye and ear for snags and ideational dissonance, and your superb suggestions for improvement. Excellent job. You are very generous with your time, insightful with your judgments, and eagle-eyed with your copyediting—an excellent recipe for success in your line of work.


The editor I used for years has retired so I am relieved and more than pleased to have found a truly competent replacement whose obvious raison d'être is the care and nurturing of the printed word. I look forward to working on future novels with you. (Editor’s note: I worked on a second novel with Doug almost immediately after completing the initial project, and a third project is in the pipeline).